- Get Free Food from Checkers and Rally's Survey

You might want to participate in GuestObsessed survey from Checkers and Rally's for a free food/sandwich. If you are new to this, then you probably don't know on how to get started with Guest Obsessed. So this article will help you on some rules and requirements for participating on survey and also, there is more to know about Website from Checkers and Rally's for getting customers feedback about their services and quality of their service. | Get Free Sandwich for Submitting Survey

Checkers and Rally's is well known restaurant having drive-thru concept. Initially, it was started as independent outlet and later now it had merged their business. So you will probably find the same product in both restaurant. Its widely spread across all over the major states in US. Its very difficult to manage the fast food business since the competitions are very high and its hard to survive.
More over Foods served on these stores are same like the others but the concept of serving is different. Checkers and Rally's uses double drive-thru lane for its customers and they keep on innovating their product to attract more customers. To understand more about their customer, Company had came with a special idea on GuestObsessed to understand the needs of customer.
Like this, Sonic offers the same customer survery for their customers on website portal.

In, customer can speak their mind about Checkers and Rally's experience. In exchange for these, customers get free sandwich or any discount on their next purchase. Customers can always speak about the quality of the service, food and more about the employee behavior and cleanliness of the restaurant.
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Guest Obsessed Survey Rules & Requirements:

When you here you will be rewarded with free sandwich, obviously there will be some rules so we recommend you to go through the below important points before you submit GuestObsessed Survey.
  • You should have your last purchased receipt from Checkers & Rally's
  • All your receipt information will be prompted when taking survey. So we recommend you to save the copy of the receipt.
  • Make sure you participate in survey before 30 days from purchase.
  • To access to website, you need to connect to internet access.
  • Once you had submitted the survey, at the end you will be given a coupon code. You can redeem the code on your next purchase on any of the outlet to get free sandwich
While participating on survey, better be honest when you are answering this will help them to improve their service.

Step by step procedure to submit Survey in GuestObsessed

This is purely for the first time users, who wanted to submit their Guest Obsessed feedback with Checkers and Rally's. If you are very much frequent with these steps then we are recommending you to skip this, and click directly on the official website. Below steps will help you to get started with website.
  • Visit the official website of Checker's & Rally's Survey Portal
  • Now you need to input your store number
  • Follow the steps and enter your purchased date
  • Choose the time and type of your visit
  • After this, you will be given various questions about the service, product and experience with the employee.
  • You could write your comments about the service
  • Once you had validated your survey, at the end you will be given a validation code. 
FAQ's on GuestObsessed:

GuestObsessed coupon is not working ?

Ans : It could have expired or it might have been already used earlier in the same week.

Where can I use it?

Ans : You can use the coupon in any Guest Obsessed store but only once.
During your next purchase, you can use this validation code to get free sandwich on your next visit at Checkers and Rally's Outlet. That's all, We hope these information about guest obsessed should help you in case if you are looking for a free sandwich from Checker's and Rally's Store. If you have any issues or problem, feel free to comment below your opinions.